The effects of LED grow lights on plants and growers

It’s believed that around 30-50% of the solar radiation is blocked due to the greenhouse structures before it gets to the plants. This is an even bigger challenge in the areas that have long winters and short growing seasons. Thus, this situation necessitates the use of supplemental lighting for optimal crop production. Now, LED grow lights are considered to be the best light source for indoor cultivation.

The use of these lighting systems has revealed some surprising results and effects. By using the LED grow lights alone have led to creating bigger yields, changing the wavelength of light and more marketable crops overall. These reasons and various other causes have led to the replacement of legacy lighting systems by these LED grow light bulbs in many new and newly renovated growing operations.

LEDs are a lot less expensive:

The price of an old-fashioned light compared to the LED grow lights are higher as every year the cost of the LED technology is steadily declining and becoming affordable and cheap for users. Not only does the cost of the LED lighting system is less but they also reduce the other expenses of the growers. The LED grow lights help in significant money, and energy saving as less water is used because there is less evaporation and they produce less heat, so energy is saved as the need for air conditioning system is reduced.

LEDs help in better growth of plants:

The LED grow light bulbs help to create better and bigger plants by using less energy and money. The old traditional lighting system offers a fixed spectrum of light for every plant in the room even though they may need the different type of light spectrum. So even though you have different varieties of plants, they will be getting the same spectral output as all the others in the room. So this will result in reduced plant growth and less yield. But with LED grow lights, the growers can give each variety of plant the type of light spectrum and intensity required for its growth.

A better working environment:

Studies have proved that the LED Grow lights reduce or eliminate the use of toxic pesticides on the plants and benefiting the growers, as they are not exposed to such toxic substances. And as the LED light system produces less heat, there is less of evaporation which means a less use of fertilizers that again reduces the grower’s exposure to harmful substances. These things mean a healthier and better indoor environment for the people who work in that area.

Environmental friendly:

LED grow lights mean less water usage, less use of chemicals and more efficient use of space for cultivation. Apart from this, LEDs are much more environmentally friendly. As there is less heat emitted and produces due to this lighting system, there is less use of water and lower requirement of installing an air-cooling system. No or reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides leads to less reliance on chemicals. Thus, all these factors contribute to making LED grow lights environmental friendly.

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