LED Grow lights myths and misconceptions

Myths and misconceptions about LED grow lights

The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diodes where the diodes are used for making lighting panels, lamps, bulbs and other lighting devices. Now, LED grow lights are used extensively in commercial and domestic fields due to their efficiency in healthcare, construction, agriculture, gardening, and others.

As they are durable, energy efficient, compact, produce less heat and adjustable wavelength, the LED grow lights have a different function altogether when compared with conventional light-emitting devices. LED grow light transfers electric current through a semiconductor which can be made of varied materials.

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The electric current then makes a small light bulb shine very brightly. The semiconductor’s material determines the wavelength of the light. This is why LED grow lights are perfect for growing plants as the light intensity and wavelength can be changed as per the requirement in each stage of plant growth.

This enables the professional farmers as well the casual home growers to provide their plants with the best lighting conditions as per the need. However, there are many misconceptions and myths related to LED grow lights like:

Not enough brightness:

As per the assumption made by many people, the light bulb will shine brighter if it consumes more watts. But this is not true as standard LED grow light bulbs need about 8 watts to produce the same amount of brightness and light as a regular bulb that requires about ten times more wattage to produce the same amount of light. The light efficiency cannot be determined by watts as they are used to measure energy consumption.

LEDs are expensive:

Even though the cost of LED grow lights per unit is expensive and is steadily getting lower every year, in the long run, the LEDs prove to be more economical. For instance, a cheap incandescent light can last about 1,200 hours, and a regular fluorescent light can last for about 20,000 hours but LED grow light bulbs can last for around 50,000 hours which when calculated amounts to more than ten years of lifespan.

LEDs are harmful:

Few people think that LED lighting is harmful to the eyes, but this is not at all true. Along with the other products that have been released for public, the LED grow lights have also met the safety standards. The standards prove that the LEDs are perfectly safe and are not harmful if used correctly as per guidelines.

LEDs are made up of harmful components:

As the LED grow lights meet all the safety standards, there is no chance that the components with which they are made are hazardous and harmful. The manufacturers of the LED lights have to anyhow abide by the rules and regulations, and there is no lead, mercury or any other type of harmful materials used in its manufacturing process. Besides this, the LEDs are environmentally friendly and are recyclable as well. Thus, this proves that they are truly the future of lighting system for mankind.

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