Research suggested LED grow lights are critical for optimizing yields, & blossom quality

Research suggested LED grow lights are critical for optimizing yields, & blossom quality

Cut flower production offers indoor growers lucrative market opportunities. Research suggested LED grow lights are critical for optimizing yields, blossom quality, and earnings.

If you plan to enlarge and enhance your indoor grow operations, think about the chance given by the cut flower industry. Considering that the US just has 280 flower growers who produce just 36 percent of those cut blossoms offered, the timing is appropriate to get into the wholesale cut flower market as wineries seem to decrease their prices by eliminating the cost of importing blossoms. Since hydroponic and farmers control the environment where they spread their crops, they provide wineries high-quality blooms year round, which provides them a substantial strategic market advantage over outdoor growers.

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LED Grow Lights Vital For Successful Cut Flower Production

While a substantial body of research shows the great number of advantages of utilizing LED grow lights for vegetable and non-flowering plant manufacturing, the scientific literature eliminates similar studies for cut flower production.

Experimental Design

They opted to use three distinct Gerbera varietals in this revolutionary research to decrease the risk that any differences might result from the exceptional qualities of a specific kind of Gerbera. Additionally, the scientists used the identical drip water irrigation method for the two experimental groups and guaranteed that the temperatures and relative humidity were also exactly the same. The LED grow lights used a recipe of blue, red, and white LED diodes.

Study Outcomes

As you may anticipate, the researcher discovered that plants grown under the LED lights had greater rates of photosynthesis than people cultivated using HPS lights. Comparable to fruits, vegetable, and non-flowering plants, the Gerbera subjected to LED lights had a higher biomass than those made with HPS lights. As with previous research, utilizing LED grow lights led to a 40 percent energy savings when compared to HPS lighting.

Concerning the parameters unique to reduce flower production, the scientists also report many advantages of using LED lights rather than HPS grow lights.

The diameter and stalks from the flowers cultivated with LED grow lights were larger than those vulnerable to LED lighting. The cut blossoms from plants developed using LED bulbs lasted more than those made using HPS lights.

Strategies for Future Research

The scientists say that they intend to run similar studies with different kinds of cut flowers to record the benefits of LED grow lights. Additionally, they mean to look into the effects of various LED light recipes on cut flower quality and crop yields.

Are you considering inclusion cut flower production for the grow surgeries? If you previously develop cut flowers for wholesale, what’s your experience?

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