Grow tents indoor reviews

Indoor Grow tent kit reviews and best products to grow cannabis

With the rising demand of weed in the market today, be it for the medicinal or recreational purpose, finding a good quality weed is a tough job and even if one does find a good quality weed, the price for it is too damn high to afford on a regular basis. Weed is a beneficial herb used as painkillers, stress relievers, reducing insomnia, etc. when taken in a fixed amount.


To counteract the high cost of this herb, hands down the only best solution are to grow the herb in your house itself. Growing the herb inside the house comes with its own set of problems like absence of sunlight, strong odor upon reaching maturity plus the need of a controlled temperature and environment to obtain the best quality weed. Hands down the best solution to this problem are using a grow tent.

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Grow tents assure you the best quality weed with least amount of manual labor required. They deliver on their promise to create the perfect balance of warmth and light requirements. The reflective walls on the inside of the grow tent mimic the sunlight perfectly by reflecting the light from the artificial lights fitted inside the tent.

Grow tents for weed

The amount of sunlight needed by the herb can be controlled according to need by switching the lights off or on whenever necessary. However cold may the location be inside your house, grow tent provides the appropriate amount of warmth to the plant thus eliminating the chance of frosting. Grow tents are also available with built-in the ventilation system to make sure the plant doesn’t overheat from the light inside the tent.

These ventilators also ensure your neighbor doesn’t get a hint of what you are growing inside the privacy of your house which in the absence of grow tent would have been evident due to the strong odor radiating outside your house.

If raising cannabis plant is what you prefer as a long-term plan, you need to invest in grow tent. The initial investment into this project might be a bit heavy on your pocket but be assured this is an investment which will pay up for itself over time, i.e., only if growing cannabis is a long-term commitment for you. When one starts with cannabis, it initially starts on a small scale, but with time it grows from 5 plants to 10 as you get acquainted with the growing techniques.

Getting a small grow tent would eventually be worthless as you increase the size of your crop, the best choice would be to start from a big one. One can produce a small crop inside a big tent, but the vice versa isn’t possible.

Now let’s start with the small versions of grow tent useful for growing cannabis for individual consumption leading up to big ones for those looking for some extra cash.

  1. Small grow tents with non-existent accessories:

Apt for growing 2-4 plants at one go, these grow tents do not come with any accessories; they are simple everyday tents that can be accessorized according to your needs. Small tents are designed so that someone with a low budget can get the benefit of privacy without having to invest a large sum of money. These grow tents fit into a small space or corner of your house and are barely noticeable and do not hamper the overall look of your room

A) Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent, 2’ x 2.5’ x5’7”: Click here to Buy from Amazon – deal price

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent

With parameters of two and a half feet wide by two feet thick by five feet seven inches tall, Gorilla Grow Tent’s version LTGGT22 comes with the option of increasing the height of the same by a foot, i.e., Six feet seven inches by ordering the extension poles separately. Gorilla Grow tent has a repute to last a significantly long time with its aptly constructed tents that are sure going to last you many cannabis growth seasons.

The LTGGT22 is at par with quality standards. The backbones of these tents are their metallic frame poles that are coated rust-resistant with the interlocking pattern, and the thickness of the canvas is 1680D with reflective Mylar lined on its inside. To keep a check on your saplings, the tent is provided with small zippered window over the zippered door. In a tent, zippers are the first to give in to wear and tear, but Gorilla Grow Tents take care of the weakest point of the tents by providing big sturdy zippers that are sure to last for a long time in spite of continuous use over time.

This particular version of grow tent comes with two ducting holes on each side of the tent which if not required can be securely closed by cinching. A small mesh bag has also been provided hanging at the edge of the wall just in case you want to leave your hygrometer or any gardening accessories at proximity while on regular check-ins of the flowering plant.

If you choose to grow a small strain of Indica, then these extension poles aren’t necessary but keep in mind, there should be at least a foot or a foot and a half distance between the plant at flowering stage and the light you are using to mimic sunlight as placing the light too close can cause burning of parts of the plant due to excessive heat.

B) Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing:

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Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

Although bigger when compared to the Gorilla grow tents, this Apollo Horticulture tent is strictly for the shorter versions of cannabis Indica rather than their taller counterpart, i.e., Cannabis Sativa. The dimensions of these grow tents are three foot by three foot by six foot in height.

Similar to Gorilla Grow Tent, the Apollo Horticulture tent is equipped with high interlocking metal poles that can jointly hand the weight of the tent and the light inside it too. Reflective Mylar has been lined on the interior part of the canvas to ensure proper reflection of the light to every corner of the plant. To ensure no light leaks from any holes, the fabric of this tent has been double stitched. The only downside to these tents is the unavailability of flaps over the zippers which might cause a few streaks of light to leak here and there.

Unlike the Gorilla Tent, there are two window panels on these tents which are located on the sides of the tent and not over the door. The door is sufficiently large to allow proper access. Ventilation in the tent has been taken care of by small mesh panels at the bottom accompanied by the round shaped openings for letting the power cord in and piping air in and out of the tent.

The best feature of this tent is its removable Mylar floor tray making it an easy task to clean up the inside of the tent. The tent can be smoothly set up without the use of tools via simple follow-up instructions. The tent comes with a total warranty of 90 days

Complete Kits: Small grow tents with accessories:

When you don’t have the liberty of time at your disposal, getting the whole kit complete with accessories is the way to go. You don’t have to pay an additional visit to the local market or your storehouse to get the proper accessories ready for your grow tent plus there is an extra task at hand of getting it perfectly right so that it doesn’t hamper the growth of the plant.

The following two grow tents are completely equipped with all the requirements for growing cannabis including lights and ventilation.

a) Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (2’x2.5’) LED Combo Package #2:

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Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent, 2' x 2.5' x 5'7"

The earlier reviewed Gorilla Grow tent LTGGT22 comes in here with a range of accessories plus A-class LED lights. Combined with the perfect accessories, this Grow tent makes your journey to a full grow cannabis plant a piece of cake or *winks* “a cannabis brownie.”

With a minimal power consumption property, LED K3 450-watt is a grow light perfect for a small tent which won’t dig a hole in your pocket with high energy consumption. These LED lights use only 270 watts of power with 700mAh of current supply. The LED comes in with a timer included which helps in proper growth of plants without supply any extra unwanted light.

The kit also provides an in-line duct fan which filters the odor of a growing cannabis plant whose speed, of course, can be regulated via the regulators and a tube is also included to ensure the air is thoroughly cleaned from every nook and corner of the tent. The Hygro-Thermometer included in the accessory pack enables you to keep a check on the humidity inside the tent and that of the soil and thus increase or decrease it accordingly. There is also a small clip on the fan just in case things get a little too hot which is almost negligible in case of LED lights.

b) Gorilla Grow Tent (2’x4’) LED Combo Package #1:

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Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent, 2' x 2.5' x 5'7"

Equipped with the same combo kit as above, this grows tent is a larger version of the Gorilla Grow Tent LITE with an added advantage of a carbon filter for the in-line duct system which is used for filtering out the high odor of the plant

Medium Grow Tents with no accessories:

Getting a big grow tent if you are just a novice at cannabis cultivation would be an unwanted expenditure. Unless you plan to go commercial with cannabis, go for a medium sized grow tents which is enough for 4-6 plants depending on the strain of cannabis you are planning to cultivate which is more than enough for you and even your friends. These tents do not come with any accessories. The type of accessories you want to use depends on you.

a) Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent:

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Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

Unlike the smaller versions of Grow Tents, this four feet by four feet by more than six and a half feet tall, isn’t something that would cozily fit inside the secrecy of your closet. The same interlocking metals principal is applicable here which provides shape and support to the tent plus also balances the extra weight of the light. To ensure light reaches every corner of the plant and proper growth takes place, the interior of the tent has been lined with reflective Mylar. Although the sturdy and durable zippers aren’t covered by flaps to avoid leaking of light, the dense fabric of the tent is double stitched to minimize the leakage of light outside.

Easy access to the inside of the tent is possible via the large front door plus a small peep in to check on your beautiful cannabis garden is possible via small windows on each side of the tent. Mesh panels have been provided at the bottom of the tent for ventilation plus there are added round openings which help pipe the air in and out and facilitate the entry of power cords.

To make cleaning of the tent easier, removable Mylar tray has been provided plus the tent can be set up without tools with the help of a quick guide through instructions. This particular version of Apollo grows tents come with a 90-day warranty.

b) iPower GLTENTXS1 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (48”x32”x60”):

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iPower 48x24x60 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Removable Floor Tray for Indoor Seedling Plant Growing, 2'x4'

With positive online ratings, iPower GLTENTXS1 is the top-selling Grow Tent. Accumulated from over 500 reviews, this product has received an exceptional rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Upon taking a closer look at this product, it was found to be quite similar in function and structure to most of the Grow Tents reviewed above, although it is exceptional in a couple of areas which makes it a top-selling product online.

The first thing found to be different from other generic Grow Tents is the use of 3-ply Vinyl as the material for tent rather than canvas which is strong and durable plus has a thickness of 5mm. The 2nd exceptional feature of this Grow Tent is the extra effort given to the assembly of the whole tent. The tent is fitted with ventilation panels which are then covered with zippered flaps. To ensure a nice tight fit, the duct ports extend to the inside of the tent which can be cinched.

Medium Grow Tents with light and accessories:

a) Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4’ x 4’) LED Combo Package #1:

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Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4' x 4') LED Combo Package #1

If you need that perfect Grow Tent assembled by the experts of the field, look no further because the people at Gorilla Grow have come up with a product which caters to all your needs with the best accessories available out there. At first, the price of the total kit might seem a little extravagant, but when you realize that the individual price of each accessory is far higher than in the deal price, you will surely find this deal to steal.

The tubular metal frame which is a four by four foot tall makes it easy to be assembled piece by piece. Equipped with an inline duct fan with an active carbon filter and ducting, this tent also includes an array of accessories such as a fan speed adjuster, a Hygro-thermometer, a timer, and a clip-on fan. When at an embryonic stage, the rope ratchet provided helps you lower the light closer to the seeds, and one can pull it higher as the plants start growing.

The KIND LED light provided with the accessory kit is the perfect choice for any juncture of growth, be it sprouting or flowering. With a comprehensive coverage of up to 6 square feet of space, these LED lights are perfect for any size of tents.

If saving on your electricity bills plus a real growth is what you require, HID lights do a much better job of it when compared to LED lights which are an essential accessory in this 2nd kit down below

b) Complete 4×4 Grow Tent Kit:

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Complete 4 x 4 Grow Tent Package w/ 600W Sealed HPS HID, Digital Ballast, Filter, Fan and moreUnlike other Grow Tents, Worm’s way offers you a Grow Tent with everything you would need for the fruitful and healthy growth of a cannabis plant, just add soil, water, seeds and electricity for the light and voila, you are ready to go. Available in a 4-foot wide by 6 and a half foot tall dimension, this tent is made up of sturdy, durable fabric with a reflective interior for proper dispersion of light throughout the tent. The timer installed inside helps you mimic the actual day and night timings, and for shorter days during winters, the daytime lighting can be increased accordingly. The key feature of this Grow tent is its 600-watt high-pressure sodium HID light package with digital ballast which gives the best warmth to the plant in minimal energy consumption. The air duct panel is lined with charcoal filters to remove odors, and the kit also includes a thermometer and hygrometer to maintain the needed warmth and humidity. The fan inside helps circulate the air and nutrients overall inside the area of the tent.

This all in one solution is a consumer favorite because it helps a newbie to get started as soon as possible without the need to research over the internet a lot of the required accessories or the unwanted extra effort of going over to the local market to buy equipment. The whole kit can be dissembled if you feel like replacing any part in the inevitable future or upgrade it. The price might seem a bit too high to a new cannabis grower, but upon taking a look at the overall price of each accessory, it is a good deal

Large Grow Tents:

If you have a large space at your disposal and you plant to grow cannabis not just for you but also for others, those big grow tents are just the thing you need. An average Large grow tent can hold up to 6 or more fully developed cannabis plants

a) VIVOSUN Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (60”x60”x80”):

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VIVOSUN 60"x60"x80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 5'x5'

Big enough to hold up to 12 plants at a time, depending upon the species of cannabis, VIVOSUN’s grow tent is tall enough to secure lights of fully grown plants with its 5’ by 5’ feet dimensions. Apart from a large surface area, these grow tents provide a long duration of the warranty, i.e., two years.

VIVOSUN is lined with dark colored fabric on the outside, and reflective surface on the inside just like any other grow tent, but it stays one step ahead with long-lasting zippers which do not go haywire even after rough use for a long time. The support beams provided inside the tent is strong enough to take care of your light panels plus there is an added removable floor tray option for easy cleaning

b) Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 Tent, (5’x9’x6’11”):

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Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 Tent, 5 by 9 by 6-Feet:11-Inch, Black

Created with thick 1680D fabric lined with reflective Mylar, Gorilla Grow produces excellent quality grow tents, and this one is surely bigger than that king size bed of yours. As usual, the metal interlocking frame structure grasps your lights with full strength and this particular kit even gives you the option of an additional free extension kit of 12-inch height and infrared-blocking roof insert.

According to Gorilla Grow, their products never offer any cheap plastic parts; this tent, in particular, has a double cinching ducting port and bug resistant pre-filters to get rid of pest-related diseases. Just as any other grow tent, you can access your plants via the zippered door plus take a small look at the plants with one of them zippered windows. The exceptional detail about this tent is its floor pool which holds the water if you spill any.

Large Grow Tents with light and accessories:

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10' x 20' Gorilla Grow Tent Kit BLACK DOG PhytoMax-2 800 LED Package

Upon detailed assessment, we didn’t encounter any large grow tents sold with high-quality assorted accessories, and we are very choosy about the products we review. The best guess of unavailability of great assorted accessories for large tents is the fact that by the time people start growing cannabis inside big tents, they become expert at the requirements of the plant.

Learn how to grow your weed

With our free Beginner’s Tutorial learn more about growing quality weed. Your first harvest is usually ready by the 12th week. To check out the quality equipment required for indoor growing check out our product reviews section.

Get the best light and accessories for your large grow tent

Here is a master list of the top quality LED grow light panels to go through for growing that herb at your home.

The soil is what makes up or breaks up the quality of weed produced finally. Take a look at the essential nutrients which will help you build a healthy and good quality cannabis plant.

Tips to choose the right size grow tent

When starting on a small scale try growing two plants at a time for which you need a tent with at least 2’x2’ feet dimensions. In the beginning, it might look too big, but eventually, the seedling will grow up to acquire most of the space.

A 4’x4’ foot tent can fit up to 4 fully grown plants. If you are using the tent just for sprouting, you can fit up to 16 into the 4×4 tent.

If you are planning to grow more than 4 fully mature plants, you need to invest in at least a 5’x5’ foot tent.

How many plants can you grow legally?

The allowed limit of growing cannabis at home depends on the place you live or the purpose of it, whether recreational or medicinal. The below stated facts were legit at the time they were written to make sure you double check before starting with the whole thing.

States that allow cannabis cultivation for recreational/personal use:

  • Alaska: A cumulative of 6 plants with only 3 flowering at a given time.
  • Colorado: Total 6 plants with only 3 flowering at the same time.
  • Washington, D.C: 6 plants per person if seen individually with 3 flowering at a time and a total of 12 for one home with multiple residents.
  • Oregon: A subtotal of 4 plants per home.

States like Arizona and Minnesota only allow cultivation for medicinal purposes. Not every state favors marijuana growth at a personal level. You can check the current laws about growing marijuana on the books here.

Follow the law, grow legit Cannabis and stay safe

Keeping in mind the medicinal benefits marijuana offers, we are pretty confident about its legalization over the years to come. Until then you can go over your horticulture skills and wait until people come running up to you to get that perfect quality weed you offer.

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