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Best T5 Grow lights reviews | Guide for growing Cannabis

If you are up for a new marijuana growing project, then it is evident that you will need the grow lights. In the market, different varieties of grow lights are available. But to enhance the productivity of the project, it is essential to use the best quality grow lights. According to a report, it has been observed that the clients greatly prefer the T5 grow lights. So, here we have arranged some necessary information, which will ease the decision-making process during the purchase of T5 grow lights.

What are T5 grow lights?

As the name suggests, T5 refers to the size designation of the fluorescent lamps. “T” represents the tubular shape of the lamps, while “5” represents the diameter of the lamps. To fulfill the requirements of the clients, the T5 lamps are available in different lengths like 2 feet and 4 feet. The weight of the entire fixture weighs around 10 to 30 pounds. Well, the Ballast is included in the setup as it’s hard for the clients to arrange it from different stores. Though now you have got some ideas about the T5 grow lights, let’s go for the advantages of T5 grow lights.

Why T5 grow lights are essential for marijuana growing project?

The large weed growing operations are maintained in an indoor environment. The features which are represented by the T5 lamps greatly suit the needs of the marijuana growing environment. As the T5 lamps run cool, they are placed very close to the plants. As compared to the sodium lamps, the T5 lamps don’t produce much heat. Thus it is feasible to use these lamps close to the plants.

Again, these grow lights are less expensive than the LED lights and are also very energy efficient. So, it is possible to manage the entire project with less consumption of electricity. The expert Horticulturists prefer to use the T12 setup along with the sodium lamps to ensure proper growth of the plants in the flowering stage.

Well, it is essential to maintain a favorable atmosphere during the flowering stage, or else the productivity of the project will be greatly hampered. But the US government has kicked out the T12 fixtures from the market. Thus it is tough to find those grow lights. So, here the T5 lamps are considered as the best alternatives in the market.

It is feasible to grow a lot of plants with the help of T5 lamps, and thus you can manage to save a lot of money. As the T5 lamps don’t create a warm atmosphere, the weed growers prefer to use a shorter grow tent around the plants. Again, these lamps can also be utilized in the warm climate areas, as no further heat is generated.

So, as the compatibility with the T5 lamps is high, almost every weed grower prefers to use the T5 lamps for their marijuana growing project. Well, a wide range of T5 lamps is available in the market. So, it is flexible for the plant growers to choose the grow lights as per their requirements. Below some traditional T5 lights are described. You can go through them and can choose the best T5 lamps for your project.

Most effective T5 lamps for marijuana growing project

Hydro crunch T5 fluorescent 4Ft lamps

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Hydro Crunch 4 ft. 8-Bulb 432-Watt T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture

These T5 lamps are mainly used in the larger growing projects. Because of the Daisy chain installations, it is feasible to connect three T5 fixtures at a single time. The four by 4 ft coverage ensures the installation of this fixture even in small grow tents.

The 54 – watt bulbs and the reflective frames help in generating the best-intensified light output. The in-built hanging wire ensures easy installation on the vertical walls and features a plug and play mode. To reduce the stress of the growers, UL listed 15 – foot long power cord is also equipped with the fixture.

Durolux DL 844s 4ft lamps

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T5 Grow Light (4ft 4lamps) DL844s Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs

The look of this fixture is pretty same as that of the Hydro crunch. But here, it is feasible to install five fixtures in one single outlet. As the Ballast is included in the setup, it enhances the energy efficiency of the lamps. For convenient hanging operations, a 15 ft long power cord is equipped with the setup.

The best thing about this T5 lamps is, here you can use the bulbs as per your needs. Out of 4 bulbs, you can easily switch off two bulbs or 4 bulbs. This switch operation ensures low energy consumption. Because of the German Hammertone Reflector, these lamps offer 30 % more light as compared to other grow lights in the market.

Apollo Horticulture 2 ft T5 grow light

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Apollo Horticulture T5 2 Feet : 6 Tube Commercial Fixture with your Choice of Bulbs

Well, you might have heard about the products of Apollo Horticulture, as it is one of the renowned brands in the Horticulture industry. This grows light is just perfect for the small tent weed growing project. The overall size of this light setup includes thickness – 2 inch, width – 12 inches, and length – 23 inches. 4 tube bulbs are available in the setup, so the grower has the flexibility to use the bulbs as per the needs. To ensure overhead, horizontal, and vertical installations, a 7.5 – inch power cord is equipped with the setup.

Apollo Horticulture Purple reign 2 ft 2 bulb T5 light

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 Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 4' Foot 2 Bulb 54W 6400K Jump Start T5 Grow Light System for Plant Growing

If you want a simple setup for a couple of plants, then this T5 fixture setup is just perfect. Here two bulbs each of 24 Watts are equipped to ensure a comfortable environment for the plants. Because of the flexible frame, it is feasible to lower setup, over the plants. For productive results, it is recommended to use red bulbs in the setup.

Agrobrite FLT48 T5 lamps

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Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 4 Foot, 8 Tube

These 4ft fluorescent grow lights are the favorite grow lights of the weed growers. These lamps are also known as the source of artificial sunlight as these lamps emit 40,000 lumens and 432 watts of power. The Agrobrite T5 grow lights belong to the Hydrofarm. If you belong to the weed Horticulture department, then you might have heard the name of Hydrofarm.

The products of Hydrofarm are greatly appreciated by the horticulturists because of excellent efficiency and high manufacturing standards. Hydrofarm offers one-year coverage on overall defects and a five-year warranty on the ballast. Well, this offer attracts the weed growers to use the products of Hydrofarm.

As there are the Eight bulbs in the setup, multiples switches are being provided to ease the control of the bulbs. If you want to use four bulbs, then you can turn off the other bulbs. In case, you need to replace the fluorescent bulbs with the red ones; you can easily manage that change. To avoid the corrosion and scratch issues, Hydrofarm has maintained the entire fixture with powder coatings. Thus, the look of the fixture is also very attractive.

To ensure maximum light output from the setup, the overall installation is maintained with German Aluminium reflectors. The dimensions of this T5 grow light involve thickness – 4.25 inch, length – 48.25 inches, and width – 28 inches. It is feasible to install this setup in overhead, vertical, and horizontal manner. For the convenience of the growers, this T5 light is also available in a smaller length. The more miniature Agrobrite comes in a 2 feet design but is equipped with same the Eight bulbs.

The above T5 grow lights are the best in the present market. If you want a productive marijuana growing project, then it is recommended that you should go with the above T5 grow lights. Well, to enhance the efficiency and performance of T5 lamps, different varieties of accessories and bulbs are available in the market. So, here some of the essential accessories are listed below:

54-watt red lamp for 4ft T5 grow light

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ViaVolt VT54R-10 54W 2700K 4ft T5 Grow Lamp 10 PK

These bulbs are mainly recommended for the flowering stage. In the flowering stage, the growth of the cannabis is susceptible. So, to nourish to growth, a favorable environment is highly demanded. These bulbs are maintained with 2700K ratings to emit intensified red spectrum. To ensure the best productivity, it is recommended to replace the half bulbs with red spectrum bulbs.

Apollo Horticulture 2 ft red bulbs

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Apollo Horticulture 2 FT 6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs - Pack of 5

If you have a small setup of weed growth, then you should try these red spectrum bulbs. Apollo Horticulture is the leading dealer of Horticulture products and accessories, has efficiently managed to produce the best red bulbs. These bulbs feature 2700K ratings, thus consumes low electricity. So, if you have a 2ft T5 setup, then it will be a great decision to opt for the red spectrum bulbs.

Apollo Horticulture 4ft red bulbs

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Apollo Horticulture 4 FT 2700K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs - Pack of 5

To reduce the stress of the 4ft setup clients, Apollo Horticulture has managed to develop these 4 ft red bulbs. This bulb features the same properties as that of 2 ft bulbs. These bulbs are easy to replace. Thus most of the growers love to use these bulbs.

Vivosun 4ft grow light bulbs

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VIVOSUN Grow Lamps 5 Packs 4FT/46IN 6500K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

This bulb feature 6500K rating and mainly comes in 4ft. Because of the regular size, it is feasible to use these bulbs in every T5 setup. These red bulbs come in a package of 5 bulbs. So, you can easily order these bulbs in an online manner.

Apollo Horticulture Rope Hanger

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Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8" Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger w/ Improved Metal Internal Gears

Most of the light fixtures don’t come with the chains or hangers. To manage the setup efficiently, Apollo Horticulture offers the best rope hooks. These rope hangers are easily adjustable to as per the requirement of the growers. Again, improved metal gears have been used in these hangers, to ensure long durability.

Tao Tronics 3 bands grow light bulb

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TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb , Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Grow Lamp for Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic, Plant Lights ( E26 12w 3 Bands)

These LED Grow light bulbs are recommended for single weed growing plants. This LED light features 6400K ratings and ensures a soothing atmosphere inside the small grow tent. The lights are maintained in 3 bands, which enhance the looks of the overall setup. As compared to other fluorescent bulbs, these are available at affordable prices.

Two Outlet Digital Timer

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Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer - Dual Outlet (Both Control)

This digital timer helps the growers to manage both blue and red lights in a single setup. There are two outlets on this timer. Thus these are greatly used in separate fixture setups. So, we have discussed all the important products and accessories related to the T5 installation. Now it will be a bit easy for you to select the necessary products for your T5 to grow light setup. Apart from the T5 grow lights and accessories, our experts have mentioned certain valuable tips, which are needed to be considered before the purchase of the products.

Necessary Considerations for buying a T5 grow light

  • Avail both blue and red spectrum light bulbs. The blue bulbs are significantly preferred in the vegetation stage while the red spectrum light bulbs are greatly preferred in the flowering phase.
  • Compare the energy consumption of both T5 grow light and LED lights. The energy consumption varies with the location of the place. You need to test both the light setups, before buying the final product.
  • The weights of the T5 grow lights play a major role in the installation. So, you need to check the weight before buying the products.
  • It is very important to check the installation facilities of T5 grow lights. If you are opting for overhead or vertical installations, then it is necessary to check the settings.
  • The length of the power cord plays a major role in the installation. Mainly, when the installations are maintained vertically, a good length of the power cord is highly demanded. It is recommended to ask for power cords more than 10 inches.

We hope all these above information will ease your decision making and will help you to grab the best T5 grow light. Don’t be in a hurry, check and test all the products and accessories before making the payment. We’ve also done the reviews for the best LED grow lights, Grow tents, and Hydroponic systems.

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