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Beginners guide to grow Marijuana indoors with grow tents

Marijuana is a plant with many medical benefits apart from its recreational use for a piece of that Nirvana like feeling. Now, obtaining a good quality weed is an exhaustive task, and if by any luck you come across some good quality weed, the price tag attached to that bundle might bring your morale down.

While your hunt for good marijuana you might also come across shady characters who might land you into trouble. To avoid all these problems, let’s go through this simple guide to grow quality marijuana indoors with the help of grow tent and other accessories.

Necessary equipment to grow Marijuana indoors

Marijuana is a fast-growing plant which means your input and hard work will soon reveal the output so that you don’t have to wait for long. Cannabis is hard to go wrong with, and it can easily grow in not so ideal conditions making it suitable for beginners. The crop is ready for just four months for harvest.

Now let’s take a look at the stuff you need to grow cannabis


Cannabis plantation requires a lot of light. This plant follows the rule, the more, the better. Online e-commerce websites buzz with new varieties of LED Grow light bulbs which help in the proper growth of the cannabis plant without any damage to the plant about harsh lights and also save your electricity bill.

There are three types of lamps used to grow marijuana, which is hidden lamps, LED lamps and CFL lamps. LED Grow light bulbs are modern and energy efficient but expensive. They use very little electricity which means what you spend now; you will save later and maybe even more than you presume.


Cannabis requires fresh air to thrive and can leave a distinct smell in your bedroom or the room where you plan to grow the plant. To keep the air fresh and smell free, you need a good ventilating kit. Some grow tent is equipped with the proper ventilation system and carbon filters so that others don’t smell your marijuana. Fans with proper ventilation ducts help the plant grow smell free without the aspect of your operation being exposed.

Grow Tent:

Grow tent is similar to tents we use for camping but are specifically designed to help discrete cannabis growth. Best grow tents help keep the bright light and plant smell constricted inside the tent. The reflective insides of the tents expose all parts of the plant to uniform light. These grow tent comes with two opening for letting in the fresh air and expelling the stale one. It even has openings for electric cables to fix your LED Grow light bulbs.

Other requirements:

Apart from all these necessary equipment, you will require potting mix, pots, fertilizer a good water disposal system. Good grow tent kits carry all these basic requirements for your first experience with Marijuana plantation.

Now with all the necessities covered, you are ready to start marijuana cultivation which will yield you fruits, more like good quality buds which can be used for recreational purposes.

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