4 Things to consider before buying a grow tent

Nowadays, a number brands are offering to grow tent to fulfill the rising demands of the customers. If you are in a mood to buy a grow chamber, then it’s pretty obvious that you will be confused in choosing the right one. To avoid your confusion while buying a grow tent, here some necessary tips/ considerations have been arranged.

Size of the tent –

This is the most difficult question, which develops a lot of confusion in mind. To answer this question, you need to consider some facts. First, you have to decide what’s the crop, which you want to cultivate? It has been observed that some plants grow up to a longer height.

Grow tent box

In such cases, if the tent has a low height base, then it’s obvious that the entire cultivation will be hampered. Thus, it is suggested to determine the size of the tent according to the height of the plants. If you are planning to cultivate a small number of plants, then you can opt for small grow tent, but if you are thinking to go for a large indoor garden, then you should choose a larger tent.

Layout & placement of the tent –

Once you are ready with an appropriate size, now it’s time to determine the positioning of the tent. Well, you can’t simply place the tent in your living room. Though the grow tent are portable, but still, it is recommended to find a permanent place for the tent. It is recommended to prepare a diagram of the installation of the tent, on paper.

The diagram must include all the access points like water and electricity plugs. According to the size and diagram of the tent, now you have to decide which place is perfect for the installation of the tent. If you have no idea for the installation setup, then it will be very difficult to buy the grow tent. Thus, it is highly recommended to ensure the layout and diagram first.

Equipment –

To ensure a productive cultivation, it is very important to cross check the equipment provided in the tent. To control the temperature inside the chamber, LED grow light bulbs are highly necessary. If proper lights are not provided, then it will be very difficult to assure a constant temperature in the grow tent.

A ventilation system with a reliable fan greatly removes out the bad odor from the tent. The heating and cooling devices are also necessary as the outside temperature varies in different seasons. To ensure the fresh flow of air in the chamber, a dedicated air purification system is also necessary.

Budget –

Different brands have a different cost for the grow tent. Here, you have to act smart, or else you will lose money. Keeping all the three facts in your mind, you have to find an appropriate tent within the budget. It is recommended not to invest more than the specified budget.

If you are considering all the four factors before buying the grow tent, then you can greatly ensure the best grow tents in the market. And, here’s a complete guide for choosing a grow tent and best LED grow lights.

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